tisdag 10 februari 2015


review-Seiðr from unholyblackmetal

This is he first review on the album Seiðr from unholyblackmetal.

Read it if you're curious // Vindsval

lördag 17 januari 2015

Mara Teaser Seiðr 2015

This is a teaser of the upcoming album Seiðr.
Song: Black Sorcery.

Hail the Old one!

söndag 11 januari 2015

Mara-Seiðr album cover

Hail winter!
A lot of things have happened since I posted something but be calm Mara is still alive and kicking.
A new mix and mastering have been done on the album that I'm very pleased with and I'm still looking for a serious record label to release Seiðr on.
But today I can now happily let you see the finished album cover for the debut album Seiðr and give you the song titles for the album.

1: Fire
2: Destruction of the worlds
3: Winter hunger
4: Black sorcery
5: Oblivion
6: Pagan call
7: Metamorphosis
8: Emperor
9: Seiðr

Stay tuned for in the coming weeks will a teaser be released for you all to see and hear.


Here comes the first interview.
Hail Robex, hail the old one and hail to the black flame!
First interview

// Vindsval