fredagen den 21:e februari 2014

Update recording of Seiðr at Black Sword Studio

New update from the recording of Seiðr at Black Sword Studio .
After 4-day visit is now all guitars and bass guitars recorded for the 9 songs. I went in during Valentine's Day to spread evil across the world and evil was created // Vindsval.

torsdagen den 31:e oktober 2013

måndagen den 7:e oktober 2013

Back patches

7 Back Patches

Now there are 7 pieces back patches available for all true fans out there!
The all are sublimated printing (ink transfer to the fabric), fabric used is 70% polyester and 
30% cotton with the new design.

Order on bandcamp:

söndagen den 8:e september 2013

Extreminal web zine & distro review of "The Reawakening"

New review of "The Reawakening" out now from Extreminal web zine & distro. 
Below is a quote from the review that I like.

"Without heat and hope Vindsval contains the hate of the entire world within himself."

Read it it's worth looking into.

// Vindsval.